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Discover Hatta with a Thrilling Mountain Tour

Explore the tranquil beauty of Hatta Damwith Melody Passengers Transport’s exciting Hatta Dam Tour Dubai. Thisthrilling excursion takes you on a journey to escape the city’s hustle andbustle and immerse yourself in the picturesque Hajar Mountains.

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Hatta Mountain Tour – A Brief Overview

Embark on a scenic bus ride from Dubai,provided by Melody Passengers Transport, and enjoy breathtaking views as youtraverse the majestic Hajar Mountains. Upon arrival at Hatta Dam, indulge in arefreshing dip in the cool waters, go kayaking, or simply unwind while takingin the stunning natural surroundings. The tour also includes a visit to theHatta Heritage Village, where you can experience the traditional way of life ofthe Bedouin people.

With Melody Passengers Transport’sexclusive 20% off package, you can enjoy this unforgettable tour at anunbeatable price. Don’t miss the chance to explore Hatta Dam and itscaptivating landscapes.


Things to Do in Hatta

Things to Do in Hatta

Hatta offers a wealth of activities andattractions for visitors seeking a peaceful retreat from the city. Engage inhiking and mountain biking adventures on the rugged trails, or partake inkayaking and paddle-boarding in the Hatta Dam’s serene waters. Immerse yourselfin the rich cultural heritage at the Hatta Heritage Village, where traditionalarchitecture, crafts, and a falaj irrigation system await exploration.

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, theHatta Wadi Hub is a must-visit destination. Experience thrilling activitieslike ziplining, archery, and off-road driving in the midst of the mountains. Additionally, camping and glamping options are available for those who wish tospend the night in the tranquil mountain setting.



Melody Passengers Transport is delighted tooffer an exclusive 20% discount on their Hatta Dam Tour package. Experience theawe-inspiring beauty of Hatta Dam, complemented by the turquoise blue watersand magnificent views of the Hajar Mountains. Enjoy activities like kayaking,paddle boating, and swimming, guided by experienced professionals who provideinsights into the dam’s history and significance.

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