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Private transportation Services in Dubai


Dubai has a lot of different options when it comes to getting around, but the best way to do it is by either taxi or the metro. Dubai prices are generally high, but taking a taxi now and then won’t blow your budget. Plus, taxis provide the freedom to move about on your schedule without worrying about traffic. The Dubai Metro takes passengers to all the major places of interest, like Burj Khalifa and Dubai International Airport (DXB). The airport is located about 10 miles from downtown Dubai. You can always rent private transportation services in Dubai: driving in Dubai is not for everyone. In Dubai, there is also some private transport like Melody. Melody Bus Rental Dubai provides top-of-the-line bus rental and private transportation services in Dubai. Here are the number of transportation ways in Dubai, let’s discuss.

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Taxis are a great way to get around Dubai if you want private transportation services in Dubai. If you want to pick and drop service for ladies in Dubai. Melody Bus Rental Dubai provides private transportation services in Dubai. They’re easily recognizable by their tan bodies and red roofs; the pink-topped cabs are only for female and family passengers (and women drive them). All taxis have meters, with rates starting at 12 dirhams (about $3.25) and increasing by 2.82 dirhams (around $0.75) per mile. Because Dubai addresses don’t include building numbers, you’ll have to tell your driver your destination based on an intersection, a nearby hotel, or a landmark. Taxis charge a flat rate of 20 dirhams (about $ 5.05) for service at the Dubai airport. In addition, there is also an operation by the ride-sharing company in the United Arab Emirates. Uber is another option for getting around Dubai.



If you are in search of a pick and drop service near me in Dubai then Melody operates over one hundred routes throughout Dubai, similar to the metro system. However, bus fares depend on the seven zones you plan to travel through. You can purchase a Nol Card, which allows you to pay for bus rides at select bus stations, ticket machines, and RTA service centers throughout the city. There are cheap rental buses in Dubai but Buses run frequently, but you must factor in traffic and frequent stops when considering travel time. Bus no. 8 is one of the most useful bus rentals for trips to Dubai since it stops at destinations like the Burj Al Arab and Dubai Marina.


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If you’re planning on using Dubai’s metro system, you should know a few things. There are two lines – the red line and the green line – and they service nearly 50 stations between them. The routes are divided into different zones, and the fare you’ll pay depends on which zones you travel to. You can pay for your trip with a Nol Card, valid on Dubai’s buses and waterbuses. You can purchase a Nol Card at any metro station. The hours of operation depend on the day and line, but they usually start around five or 5:30 a.m. and run until midnight or 1 a.m. the following day. However, on Fridays, the metro doesn’t start operating until 10 a.m., so plan accordingly.



If you need to cross Dubai Creek, one of the best ways to do so is by taking an abra. These traditional wooden boats have been a staple of Dubai transportation for years and continue to be popular among locals and tourists alike. You can catch an abra from any of the docks lining the creek in downtown Dubai, and the cost is just 1 dirham per trip. Remember that you’ll need cash on hand, as drivers don’t accept credit cards.

Another option for crossing Dubai Creek is the Dubai Waterbus, operated by the Roads & Transport Authority. These boats are more spacious and technologically advanced than abras, and they service stations outside of downtown Dubai. One-way tickets cost 2 dirhams, and you can pay with your Nol Card.



While the roads in Dubai are kept up and easy to navigate, be aware that traffic can be congested due to all the construction going on around the city. Parking can also be tricky to find. Having said that, a hybrid car would be of benefit to you if you want to venture outside of Dubai city. you can rent a car in hotels or at the DXB airports. To drive here, you must obtain an international driver’s license. That why Melody Bus Rental Dubai provides top-of-the-line bus rental and private transportation services in Dubai helps you move around Dubai.

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