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Rent a 15-passenger bus Dubai:

Our company is the right choice for anyone seeking 15-Seater bus rentals in Dubai. Our company offers Rent a 15-passenger bus Dubai. Rent a 15-passenger bus Dubai at an affordable price with us. We offer 15-passenger van rental in Dubai through Melody Transport. When we say 15-seater bus rental, we mean a bus with 15 seats. There are 14+1 seats on the bus. present-day tourists call it a high-roof bus or a tourist bus. This is a modified version of the old Hiace that was later improved into a highly comfortable bus with an elegant style and unique interior. A luxury drive and excellent air-conditioning are included in the bus.

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15-seater Buses:


Many of our valued clients recommend it because it drives smoothly. Please give us more details about your requirements if you wish Rent a 15-passenger bus Dubai. There are 15 seats, 14 seats, and 12 seats available. This vehicle is ideal for 12 passengers and their luggage. The vehicle has complete air conditioning, a high roof, a vast interior, a radio, cassette, microphone, CD player & AUX, a spacious interior, a comfortable climate control system, and full insurance coverage. Our areas of expertise include airport pickup and dropoff, sightseeing tours, school transportation, and staff transportation. With driver & fuel, without driver and fuel. A single day, a month, or an annual lease is available.


14-seater Bus:


The most popular bus program in the UAE is the 14-seater bus rental. The term 14-seater bus has been used in the transportation industry for the last 15 years. One can refer to a 14-seater bus as a 12-seater bus, a 14-seater bus, or even a 15-seater bus. The traditional 14-seater buses are being replaced by the new 15-seater buses in the modern era. Vans with medium roofs and high roofs are spacious and decently shaped. HIACE is the exact vehicle, but it may also be called a minivan, a family van, a tourist van, or a mini coach. A 14-seater bus is available for rent in Dubai. In Dubai, you can rent a 10-13-seater Hiace. The Hiace has a seating capacity of 12-15 people. A Hiace is available for rent. Dubai Hiace for rent.


15-Seater van:


What are your plans for a Dubai trip? Would you like to travel with your friends to Dubai? Are you interested in exploring the beauty of Dubai? Our company provides van rental services with a driver for group travelling, sightseeing tours in Dubai, shopping tours, and private vans between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


We have the perfect vehicle if you need a seven-seater minivan, a 12-door luxury van, or a 14-seater van. Hire a van from the top rental company in Dubai. Our luxury vans with drivers are available for hire today. It doesn’t matter whether you need a 7-seater van or a 15-seater luxury van, just let us know what you need, and the rest will be our responsibility to make your Dubai tour memorable. We offer lower rental rates for comfortable luxury vans with drivers in Dubai. With professional drivers, we provide top-quality vans for seven seats, 12 seats, and 15 seats. Our company offers the best luxury Rent a 15-passenger bus Dubai. Our fleet of luxury vans includes the latest Mercedes Sprinter and Mercedes Viano models. Our van rental service is one of the best in Dubai. Get your van with the driver today. With lower rental rates and quality services, no one can beat us. Professional and experienced drivers are part of our team. To serve you best, we have comfortable and reliable minivans with seven seats, luxury vans with 12 seats, and vans with 15 seats.


Little things you should consider before hiring a Bus:


The following tips might help you get the most value when you are trying to book a Bus, Minibus or Minivan Rental with Melody Transport & Bus Rental:


• To avoid paying for extra distance or time spent on the road, be sure your itinerary is complete and as detailed as possible before calling or sending your inquiry.

• Dubai, the best time to visit Dubai might be considered between September and May, when temperatures will range from 22 to 36 degrees Celsius, so that you can experience all that UAE has to offer and also enjoy the beach, so plan your bus rental as early as possible to ensure availability as well as to get the best price.


• To avoid paying deadhead costs, you may want to rent the bus at the exact location of your pickup and dropoff points.


• Find out if you need to fill out any bus permits or contracts ahead of time by contacting the bus rental company or your hotel.


• You should calculate how many seats or features you need when renting a bus, so you don’t waste money on seats or features you don’t need. From 12 seats up to 55 seats, there will be plenty of options. Some buses will be equipped with premium amenities, such as bathrooms, showers, Wi-Fi, and TVs.

• It’s almost the start of the season, we’re returning to travel after all this time off, and we want to ensure you and your guests have a fantastic time.

• Our company’s knowledgeable travel specialists are here to ensure you receive the best options for your trip. Please get in touch with our reservations specialists if you have questions about the reservation process.


We have been the leading company for any group transportation in the UAE. We have a new fleet; our oldest bus is four years old.
Call us today to see how we can help you with your bus rental needs, whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, school excursion, family trip, sporting event, or more!


Cool Facts About Daily Bus Rental Cost in Dubai:


The cost of renting a 15-passenger bus Dubai can be unpredictable, making it difficult to compare rates from different bus carriers and companies.

Traveling by bus is a popular and comfortable mode of transport in Dubai. Dubai has many bus rental providers that offer daily, weekly, monthly and yearly bus rental services on different categories of buses. For affordable prices, you can contact a reputable bus rental service provider in Dubai like Melody transportation.




It doesn’t matter if it’s a special occasion or just everyday life, Melody Bus Rental Dubai is here to help. We offer various private transportation options if you travel for business or pleasure.

To ensure your travel is safe and comfortable, we do everything we can to provide the best possible service for your money.

No more worries about transportation when you hire Melody Bus Rental Dubai. We offer affordable, convenient, and reliable services. For special occasions, we can arrange private transportation. The following are other benefits you can enjoy when you hire a bus from us:


The safety of travel and transportation:


  • The most important aspect of travelling and transporting safely is to avoid unnecessary accidents and fatigue.
  • Buses vary from minibuses to midibuses to coach buses. Whether travelling with a group or on your own, we have a vehicle that suits your needs.
  • Our mechanics carefully maintain our vehicles so that they are in pristine condition for your trip.
  • Contact us directly to discuss your requirements if you wish to hire a particular vehicle from our fleet.

Customer Satisfaction:


It is Melody Bus policy to ensure customer satisfaction. Our customers expect value for money, and we understand their unique needs. We promise that your journey will be comfortable, safe, and smooth. Our staff will always be glad to assist you with bus timetables or car rentals in Dubai. Our minibus rental service covers every region in the UAE, including Abu Dhabi. Sharjah Ajman, UAQ, Fujairah, RAK From minibuses of 15 seats to large vans of 50 seats, there is a large fleet of buses and vans with drivers. We offer luxury executive buses, minibuses, and personalized van rental services with drivers in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. We have an air-conditioned fleet, and all of our vehicles are non-smoking. For short-term or long-term rentals of buses, the Abu Dhabi Bus Rental Service in the United Arab Emirates is the ideal solution for tourists, visitors, and event organizers.


Our Aim:


As a first-class bus and minibus rental company, we offer the cheapest long-distance service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Providing you with state-of-the-art and state-of-the-art technology will keep the cost of your trip low and the quality of service high. One of our best services is the all-inclusive driver service between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In 20 minutes to an hour, we will be with you for your Car Hire Sharjah needs. We aim to provide a standard service that is popular with our customers. As soon as you contact us, our expert team will ensure everything goes according to plan. Finally, the customer service team at your destination will give you a warm welcome and be responsive, unique and friendly. At a reasonable price, we provide affordable car rental, bus rental and travel services in Dubai. No matter if you want to visit our beautiful city, the deserts of the southeast, or go on a ski trip in the north. We are a Dubai tour and Bus transportation booking center. The difference with other Bus Rental is that we are the only ones who have a 100% warranty on everything we offer. Why are we preferred? We have more than ten years of experience and customer satisfaction. We provide quality, guaranteed shipping. We provide transportation services for all events, whether you need to transport many people to a rugby stadium or get your clients to their destination in time for a car race. We take care of everything! You can attend any event with over 200 vehicles and a dedicated team of employees.

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