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Mitsubishi Rosa Bus

Mitsubishi Rosa Bus Rental in Dubai

When you are talking about comfort or quality, then nothing is better than the brands. The Mitsubishi is worldwide famous for its incredible vehicles. So, it is also an honor for melody passenger transport to offer services that include Mitsubishi vehicles. The melody provides Mitsubishi Rosa Bus rental faculty. The big sizes buses with all the innovative stuff for a comfortable ride. The Mitsubishi brings all that you wish for! Check out the melody fleet of Mitsubishi Rosa Bus along with rent specifications to clear your queries.

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Fleet of Mitsubishi Rosa Bus

The melody provides a sustained fleet of Mitsubishi Rosa Buses that are innovative, comfortable, and highly demanded. The range of buses starts from 26 seaters till 34 seaters.34 seater Mitsubishi Rosa Bus is the most premium quality bus with impressive specs and, most importantly, the worthy and trusted vehicle in the high-demand marketplace.

34 seater Mitsubishi bus is offers something that standard Toyota 30 seater bus cannot manage. The vehicle is better in size with versatile types. The 34 seaters Mitsubishi bus has additional 4 to 5 seats. The bus has the patience to travel in hot weather of Dubai with Air condition and related services.

About Mitsubishi Rosa Bus

The melody passenger transport aims to provide all the quality services that the worthy clients desire. From luxury bus rental to daily passenger transport, from minibus rental to VAN rental service and from car lift and pick and drop service to Mitsubishi Rosa bus faculty has all these services that are the best standard presentation of the values of the company. The Mitsubishi Rosa bus is, although one of the leading faculties to avail in melody passenger transport; however, the reason for including this service in the corporation was to increase the level of comfort and Royalty offered in the vehicles. Mitsubishi is a trustworthy brand, and being a partner of melody passenger transport, it is the best combination ever achieved.

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Mitsubishi Bus Rent Specification

Hiring a bus for staff transportation, hotel transport, school, events, tour, trips, airport transfer, and other travels, the melody Mitsubishi Rosa bus is the best you can grab.

A 34 seater Mitsubishi has the following seat combination; it includes 26 basic seats, seven folding seats, and one driver seat. That’s the reason it is sometimes pronounced as a 26 seater Mitsubishi bus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The luxury bus faculty of melody transport is perhaps one of its best services. You can hire several buses with different options such as 13 seaters, 20 seaters, 35 seaters, and up to 50 seater buses. Along with that, you will observe admiring luggage capacities on the buses so that you can manage your transport curriculum. Also, with 20 years of experience, the well-trained staff and drivers are aware of each corner of the city. So, traveling within Dubai with the melody luxury buses will be your best experience here in Dubai.

The melody buses have many innovative functions that attract the passengers towards them. The Wifi and phone chargers are also helpful for the staff to stay in contact with the company. So, your social media appearance or anything else on the internet will not affect the bus. You can gradually upload pics of your tours using our high-speed Wifi. Further, many spots for phone charging are also available so that you can keep the phone charge.

The melody bus rental solution provides private transportation services. A private bus rental is an option for those who want to hire the bus for family tours, friends’ gatherings, and any other outing. You can grab the melody private bus rental option.

You can witness a big, panoramic glass window in the outside perspective to allow the beautiful natural light to enter the bus in the daytime. Underneath, you will be provided luggage space for passengers. The company logo will be presented on the side of the bus. Once you enter the bus, you will see the driver seat in front of you, besides luxurious seat rows, filling the whole bus. The 50 seater melody buses have a bathroom option available. The above-spaced storage bins further make your journey safe and secure.

It is obvious to have luggage space in the buses. The melody provides dedicating storage space, unlike the other specs of transportation.  Overhead storage space is provided on the bus to keep our credentials and related stuff safe, just like the airplane storage. Additional luggage space is also available under the bus. Large compartments are provided for big luggage bags and equipment.

The melody passenger transport always maintains the criteria of professionalism in its services. The same goes for the driver’s department. The melody-worthy drivers should be highly trained, licensed, experienced, and able to work day and night shifts. We provide these trained and professional drivers with continuous training sessions, so their skills are further enhanced. That’s how the melody passenger transport makes their faculties safe and secure.

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